Mike Rozier Construction Breaks Ground on Campus Enhancements at Pillow Academy

Mike Rozier Construction is proud to announce that we have been awarded the contract to serve as the general contractor for the planned campus enhancements at Pillow Academy in Greenwood, MS. The project, which broke ground at the beginning of March, includes of the construction of a multi-purpose building, new entrance to the Kindergarten building, and a new walkway to connect the elementary campus to the middle/high school campuses.

“We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with Pillow Academy on the addition of this multi-purpose building and these much needed campus enhancements,” said Craig Rozier, Vice President of Mike Rozier Construction. He continued, “These upgrades will transform this part of campus and as a member of the Pillow Academy family I look forward to the completion of this project”

According to a release from Pillow Academy:

“The 8,400-square-foot addition will be used for physical education classes for kindergarten and elementary grades during the school day. After school, it will provide indoor practice facilities for tennis, basketball, archery, soccer, and other extracurricular activities. The preliminary plan calls for seating in the gym area of the multi-purpose building to accommodate up to 384 people – large enough to possibly hold 5th and 6th grade basketball games. The junior-high and high-school teams will continue to play in the larger existing Stribling Gymnasium. The new kindergarten entrance will extend the current entrance so that cars will be able to drive under a canopy when dropping-off and picking-up students. The new covered walkway, over a raised sidewalk, will connect the elementary and kindergarten buildings to the Sethi Student Activities Building. Plans are to have construction completed by the time school starts up next August.”

The multi-purpose gymnasium will be 7,400 square feet with seating for 384 along with 1,000 square feet for restrooms and storage.