PetSuites – Round Rock, TX

Petsuites – Memphis – Germantown/Collierville

This 14,240 sq. ft. facility was built over a 7 month period. The project began when we brought in over 18,000 cubic yards of select fill to bring the site up to grade. An Inland Pre-Engineered Metal Building with a single slope roof was erected and the exterior consists of a blend of CMU split face block, EFIS, and Coronado cultured stone. The building has 100% LED lighting, 14 exhaust fans to keep fresh air coming in, and 4 Big Ass Fan brand fans to keep air moving within the building. The floors are polished concrete throughout the entire facility. 


Petsuites – Murphy, TX

Revolution Fitness – Hattiesburg, MS


PetSuites – San Antonio Airport

Starbucks / KAY – Columbus, MS

C Spire – Grenada, MS

McDonald’s / C Spire – Quitman, MS

Volvo Rents – Hattiesburg, MS